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River Alerts is a system that aims to give Irish kayakers a warning about dangers on rivers or anything related (river warnings). River Alerts also uses posts from (river warnings).The system aims to accessible from anywhere, via mobile phone internet (, SMS texts, RSS and internet.

To spread river alerts and to make them even more accessible, river alerts can be embedded on any website, viewed on any phone.

River Alerts

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IFS River Alert Glensaul, Mayo - tree down by Owen Fitzpatrick - 04/05/2015

Tree down fully blocking rivet, approx 300 mtrs downstream of Tourmakeady waterfall.

(21 Sept 2014) A tree is down, fully across the river, located towards the end of the castletown grounds, between Castletown Rapids and St. Wolstans Weir.
IFS River Alert owngar, Cork - tree on owngar by dave g - 15/01/2014

OWNGAR- the tree strainer just after the confluence with the owvane has got bigger. just possible to squeeze through on far left but big groups or beginners will need to portage

Tree down on the Avonmore about two thirds of the way down the Rathdrum to Meetings section just above 3rd railway bridge. Fell from river right all the way across. At high water levels the tree is submerged on river left and you can pass over it but you need to work to hold the line. Might be possible to pass under the tree on river right at lower levels.
IFS River Alert flesk, Kerry - hazards by dave g - 24/10/2013

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