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Easkey (Easky) - Version History

  Version Date Change Notes Author
 1108/08/2012"danger" tree across easky river30 july 2012 can be passed through in low water with care but be aware in high water it is located about 1km below dbl drop eddy out when you see tree dont leave it too late good luck jimmy jimmy
 1023/12/2011I added that the trees and bushes have been cut away in the gorge section which leads to the double drop, they also have been cut away on the section leading to the big bridge which gives paddlers better vision plus no low hanging strainers to contend with. HAPPY PADDLING from jimmy. Jimmy
 929/03/2010Just corrected a few typos. I also added a mention of Easkey castle in the 'directions to the takeout' section because everyone would know where that is, so it might clarify the directions. jimkennnedy
 802/11/2009Added detail to Brief description and Main description. Rob Murphy
 703/11/2008Added more details. Rob Murphy
 619/02/2007Added a bit about fishermen in local issues "The Easkey is a popular river with fishermen, especially the stretch near the town and just before it meets the sea. " Oisin Oisin
 518/01/2007river description Bryan Fennell
 426/10/2006added some detail Martin Hughes
 325/10/2006River Access Issues updated eoinor
 223/10/2006Spelling, distances Martin Hughes
 123/10/2006 Martin Hughes


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