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Tourmakeady Waterfall - Version History

  Version Date Change Notes Author
 606/04/2015"Tourmackeady waterfall is also knows as Poll An Neasa and Domination falls" ... it's not. That's another, bigger drop thats on private land. Graham C.
 511/03/2010Updated how many times it's been run. Lots now I think. And Micheal for the record, Padraig was with me when I ran it first. He was one of the people on safety. Graham
 404/03/2010The river , to be exact the drop section was first run by a local guy ,Padraig Hogan and the bow of his canoo was damage by impacting on the protruding rock on the right hand side of the fall. The event was captured at the time by me on a poor quality camera. Michael Cox
 303/07/2007Mixed my left and right up again........ Graham Clarke
 203/07/2007Updated Graham Clarke
 127/10/2006 Graham Clarke

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