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Mayo Clydagh - Version History

  Version Date Change Notes Author
 830/08/2014add videos of upper and lower Clydagh,,, & Dougal Fleming
 709/10/2008Added signpost saying, "sli d'humbert", instead of "castlebar walks" as this sign was changed recently James Kean
 605/10/2008added more details to hazards and level gauge Cathal Stephens
 504/09/2008made notes on a wier abd drop on the upper and the path we've added on the lower bosco
 402/07/2008just a few extra notes on hazards and levels. Graham travel times from Castlebar are speedy but I left them. bosco
 302/07/2007Put in directions for the Upper section Graham Clarke
 205/02/2007Got my lefts and rights mixed up again! Graham Clarke
 118/12/2006 Graham Clarke

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