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Nore - Version History

  Version Date Change Notes Author
 930/08/2014Changed the hazards on lacken weir. Adrian Shanahan
 814/03/2010Changed Bleach Weir to Bleach Road Weir. This weir is simply called the weir by Kilkenny People. Very popular swimming spot for generations. Maddoxtown is in local parlance a blind weir, i.e. an old broken down weir. You can still see the masonry under the sallies on the left bank. The weir below is mostly intact and called Collis's weir after Collis' mills. Collis' mills were used to cut and polish limestone for the production of Kilkenny Marble. The pond between Maddoxtown blind weir and Collis's is known as Millay's. The old building on the west bank was formerly a distillery. Do a bit of paddling in a Canadian, all the weirs from Brett's down are great fun in a Canadian as long as you dont mind shipping plenty of water. Wouldnt recommend Bleach or Lacken Weir in a Canadian. Yvonne
 724/09/2009Some formatting Adrian
 622/09/2009Loads, edited two guides into one, lots of spelling and general tiding up. Adrian Shanahan
 531/08/2009see updated description Basil Bailey
 430/12/2008See additions to sections above gringottsgoblin
 303/12/2008Seanie, I removed "Kilkenny: Debatable at the moment, there are a few spots in Kilkenny, at the moment one of these is particularly dangerous for paddlers, so for the moment i will refrain from providing any encouragement for people to go there. " This is not the case. Adrian Shanahan
 206/11/2007I added a discription of Greensbridge weir in kilkenny city. Adrian S
 118/01/2007 michael flynn

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