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Avonmore (Annamoe) - Version History

  Version Date Change Notes Author
 921/04/2013Change to Troopers Town and naming additions. Mike Conway
 802/09/2012I have added notes on the local issues following discussions with locals and this will help kayakers to understand and avoid potential disagrements. Steven Fahy
 710/09/2009Note on gauge being out of order Adrian
 603/04/2009Added the Mike X's comment on exiting river left, not river right, into the text itself. jim kennedy
 502/04/2009-Added the gauge link to the section on River Level Indicators. -Tidied up some capitalization because I'm tedious like that. jim kennedy
 412/11/2007Corrected spelling and place names Mike Conway
 307/10/2007Formatting and layout. Seanie
 228/02/2007One extra access issue and addition to river levels Steve fahy
 124/01/2007 Alan O Brien

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