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DVD Review: Young Gun Productions double-feature - Source and State of the Art

Young Gun Productions Kayak movie -  Source and State of the Art

'Source' represents a coming of age for the Young Gun crew. It is full of quality footage and first class destinations, a full featured well rounded kayak flick. It is a very good movie in its own right. YGP are known for their freestyle skills, this film bring them squarely into the whitewater world, and they do it with their own style, kick flips of the lip of waterfalls etc.

After watching 'Source', I was happily browsing through the DVD extras when I came across 'State of the Art'. I had not realised that it was a double-feature release, Source and State of the Art on the same DVD. SWEET!!

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I didn't realize it at the time but 'Source' lacked something, something you come to expect from the YGP boys. The cockiness, the never questioning sense of invincibility…enter 'State of the Art'. It reminded me of their very first video, the 'Next Generation', that's a very good thing! This movie goes into more detail about the paddlers and shows some of their unique personalities. Ala Benny Marr paddling Bus Eater sans B.A. et sans helmet. I'll leave the debate about this to the forums. But this and other crazy antics, love them or hate them shows that the YGP crew are different and aren’t afraid to be.

The DVD also contains footage of Tyler Bradt successfully running the 105.6-foot Alexandra Falls, setting a new world waterfall record. Read more about it here (PDF)

This DVD is great entertainment, value for money and makes me want to get out there and huck. Oh and it's got a good carnage section too (everyone one loves carnage, once it's not their ass getting beat).

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