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Crana Canoe Weekend 2010

After a very successful inaugural year last year the Crana Canoe Weekend is back. The second Crana Canoe Weekend is scheduled the weekend of the 30th/31st of October 2010.

The Weekend is made up of several events: Freestyle, Sea Kayak Race, Open Boat Race, Novice & Senior Slalom Races. But the part that interests us is the Junior & Novice Boatacross, Intermediate Boatacross and Advance Boatacross. These events are held on grade 2,3 & 4 white water. This provides everyone with a chance to take part.

The Boatercross has a guaranteed release, this will surely make it worthwhile to make plans in advance and travel from all corners of the country, to an even that promises to be one of the biggest. Have a look at the level of the river from last year, Colm Healy captured some great footage thats bound to get lots of people fired up about this big-little event at the top of the country.

Location: Swan Park, Buncrana, Co. Donegal
Dates: 30th-31st October 2010.
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