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River close up: Srahnalong, County Mayo

I checked the Rainfall radar on, it showed that rain was heading for Mayo….yes!! The Srahnalong is sure to be up.

As we drove it began to pour. As my VW polo climbed up the winding mountain roads we splashed though the mini lakes that always signaled a great day is about to be had on the Srahnalong. The funny thing was that this was May, not many other rivers would be running with such little rain, and the Srahnalong was tanking.

Myself and Bowsie arrived before everyone else, we decided to warm up on the easier section immediately above the bridge to settle the nerves (more mine than his). Little did Bowsie know that this “easy” warm up section was where he would swim later that day.

I could write more, but I suck at writing, have a look at the video to get a true idea of what a classic run the Srahnalong truly is. A great bunch of people turned up that day, the rain kept coming and the wind kept gusting.  Boats were blown from the bank about 30ft down into the valley. Many swims were taken. I think a phrase has been coined, “you’re no one unless you have swam the Srahnalong” or “to catch an eddy on the Srahnalong you need long nails”. We all really had a great day.

Enjoy the show….. (click the play button)

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