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Update: Flesk Riverjam- Sat 30th December

The Flesk Riverjam Boatercross will take place on the Flesk on Saturday 30th December.

Plans are coming together folks and its looking like its gonna be a good one.
The event planning is coming along nicely and pre-registration details will be up soon. This event will be pre-registration only, no entries will be taken on the day no matter who you are. Bribes will be accepted however.

Now the Important part.
The After PARTY:
Its not gonna be a big fancy shindig with some finger lickin DJ's who can wax lyrical on the mic, but it will be a good ol' fashioned pre-new years party in the Rossbeigh Inn (near Glenbigh ). After the event, if people can make their way here, we'll have a brief event rundown, and then let the games begin.

And for those folks who i know are getting sneaky practice runs in, thats cheatin lads, give it a rest Tongue out

UPDATE 3: Rules and Entry details.

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