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Fane River

  Grade:   1 to 2       Rating: river rating
  County:   Louth   Date updated:15/11/2006
  Section Length:   16 Km   Version: 2 (History)

Brief River Description

This is a narrow grade 2 river with a few easy white water sections probably suited to an adventurous beginner / a safe intermediate or a mixed group looking to clock up rivers. The water is moving for most of the run.

Directions to the Put-in

From the M1 at Dundalk take the Dundalk north exit for Castleblaney (N53). Head in Castleblaney direction for @8miles and you come to Culloville South Armagh. In Culloville take a left turn at Mc Aleavey's pub which is in middle of the village - continue past the GAA and at the botton of the hill you'll see the river / old mill. Drive over the bridge and pull in on the right where you can get ready etc.

Directions to the Take-out

Head back to Culloville and take a right turn onto the main N53 (Dundalk direction). Travel for 4.8 miles and at Watters shop take a right turn - travel on this road until you come to a crossroads (7miles from Culloville).

Go straight through the cross and drive until you come to a T junction (10 miles from Culloville) - turn right for 0.3miles and pull in on the left above the bridge.

River Description

The first feature is a weir at the Mill (at the put in). In medium - high water this is a grade 2+ as it demands getting a line before a 7 foot drop or slide down the weir. There is a small stopper at the bottom which would need a bit of inspection at very high levels. After the drop there is a short white water section until the bridge (2).

The river then slows and meanders through the countryside with a few gentle wave trains. After about 1mile there is a small drop at a sharp bend and pick either left for a easy line or side drop down the right if you want some play!! Paddle on and look out for the odd wave opportunity or pour over stopper to spice up the run.

After some beautiful countryside and limited whitewater action you come to a small weir which is easily paddled over - you might want to park and play! From here the water picks up some speed as you get closer to Inniskeen village. Just after the weir there is a low bridge which may be limboed under with care. The river narrows and with the extra energy there are more wave trains and also trees to watch out for. In inniskeen village two more low bridges to consider as well as some pitch in put players who will be surprised to see you pass. A few play opportunities in the village and then the river slows a little as it passes another old mill.

Paddle on and a further @ 2miles you will see the the horizon line getting lost and the river banks rising up. This is the Amazon section an easy grade 2 series of natural steps which seem harder as it gets a little dark!!! At the end of this section there is a tail squirting eddy.. From here it is more moving water meandering on to the finish at the stone bridge....

Take out on river right before the bridge - be careful as this is a dangerous section of road...

Local issues

I never had any bother - In one section there is a few private signs up for fishermen. There is a little wooden house on the banks of the river - I don't think this guy would be offering tea but I have never met him.

River level gauge

River is fed from Lough Muckno and is usually runnable most of the year but is best after a wet spell. At the put in look up river from the bridge this section needs to be busy with a few stoppers forming at the small drops to make it worthwhile.

River Hazards

Low bridges / barbed wire in a few places / plenty of trees and a few will be blocking the route.At the put in there is a mill race on river right which is a potential hazard.


Original Author: simon conroy
Latest Author: Simon Conroy
(Full History)

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