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Owenglin (Clifden Falls) River

  Grade:   5 to 5       Rating: river rating
  County:   Galway   Date updated:24/01/2007
  Section Length:   0   Version: 1

Brief River Description

15foot park'n'huck grade V waterfall. scary scary drop.

Directions to the Put-in

15 footer in the river in Clifden village.

Directions to the Take-out

As for put in.

River Description

Grade I to II run in. Grade V drop. Grade III run out through constriction under bridge.

This drop can only be done when it is tanking. in medium to low water it looks gnarly and unrunnable as the landing is very tight and shallow.

I've run this drop once. two of us did it the exact same way and it worked for both of us. At the water level we ran it at, about 3ft below the lip on river right there was a diagonally dropping shelf spitting water upstream with a small cushion wave. I dropped onto this sideways deliberately and used it's energy to propel me across the face of the slot centre left which i slid down sideways bridging the slot with my boat to land on my side on the left at the bottom. I felt it was a technical ballsy manouevre at the time and any time I've seen the drop since I've considered it unrunnable.

DO NOT go into the slot, I fear to think what would happen. DO NOT run on the right as it lands on vertically onto rocks. DO NOT land any way but on your side as the water is extremely shallow in the landing zone.

I stress again. there needs to be an awful lot of water for this run to work.

Local issues

Loads of parking in Clifden.

River level gauge

god knows. Any time other than the time i ran it the drop looked unrunnable. So, lots and lots of water required.

River Hazards

The drop (V)


Original Author: Alan O Brien

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