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Caragh, Lower River

  Grade:   2 to 2       Rating: river rating
  County:   Kerry   Date updated:25/02/2011
  Section Length:   2.6km   Version: 2 (History)

Brief River Description

The Lower Caragh is lake fed and runs from Lough Caragh to the sea in Dingle bay. Expect an enjoyable and continuous whitewater experience for a distance of about 2.6km.

Directions to the Put-in

On the N70 Killorglin Glenbeigh road there is a turn off sign posted for Glencar. This turn is approximatley 8.4km from Killorglin. The turn is on the left hand side as you drive away from Killorglin on a right hand bend in the road.

After the turn drive a few hundred metres and turn right and follow the road to the get in at the bridge. Grid Ref. V 714 , 925. There is space for about 5 or 6 cars here.

Directions to the Take-out

The take out is just up stream of the N70 bridge over the river. On another right hand bend on the N70 there is a lay-by on the left hand side. This is where you park for the get out. Look down from the get out and you'll see an old bridge pier in the river. Grid Ref. V 697 923

River Description

This an enjoyable run without any major hazards or drops. The river consists mostly of boulders and the occasional tree. Sections may seem long and continuous to swimmers. The river is surprisingly wide for a river in Kerry with plenty of space for larger groups.

Local issues

This river doesn't seem to have the access problems the Upper Caragh has had in the past. However it is regularly used for fishing, so as always avoid teh river during fishing season. And always be polite and curtious.

River level gauge

From either the get in or the get out you will be able to judge if there is enough water to paddle.

River Hazards

The occasional tree. Generally these are easy to paddle around.


Original Author: Peter OSullivan
Latest Author: Peter O Sullivan
(Full History)

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