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Owenaher River

  Grade:   4 to 5       Rating: river rating
  County:   Sligo   Date updated:21/04/2013
  Section Length:   300 metres   Version: 2 (History)

Brief River Description

Two steep drops, in quick succession. Thats it!

Directions to the Put-in

Use the map that comes with the guide and locate the drops using a smartphone or gps is by far your best bet.  Unless you like getting lost!*

 Located in West Sligo. From the N59 at Dromore West take the first right turn outside of Dromore West as you head towards Sligo/Ballysadare. Follow this road towards Tobercurry. The section of river is located along this stretch of road; and is located on the bend of the road, with a stone wall on the left, as is the river. There are a number of different ways of getting to this section, or of getting lost getting to this section. Best to take a road map.

Directions to the Take-out

Park in the lay-by beside the falls. Put in and take out are located in the same place.

River Description

This is a short run with only two main drops, referred to as Graduate Falls. The first drop is straight forward enough, with a big pool before the next drop in case you do stuff it up. The next drop, about 20ft and slanting, is more technical and steep with a pool at the bottom. It's well worth doing if your in the area as it's different in character to a lot of the other runs in the area, despite being short. It's also easily combined with a days surf or any of the other rivers in the area.

The Irish Whitewater Guide gives this stretch a Vd. This a bit inaccurate. The first drop is handy enough. The main drop is technical, but again the difficulty is dependent on water levels and your own ability.


High Water*

Different animal. Advise scouting river river, as the road is river left you will have to ferry upstream of the falls, G2 move. The first drop has a couple of lines, there is an obvious easier line to a trained eye. Staying upright and straight is very key to avoid getting stuck in the powerful stopper at the bottom. Advise safety.

There is no big pool in between first and second drops, it is fast moving, powerful water. Line down the 20foot slide is centre or right of centre. The left doesnt look nice. Also includes a nice short bouncy lead out rapid. IF not confident on first drop it is fun to put in halfway down as the slide is a lot of fun.

On this level the river has many channels downstream and water is flowing fast, a swim is not advised at any point.  

Local issues

None at present.

River level gauge

Visual. Technically this river has a good catchment area so it should hold it's water well. It will generally be high after 3/4 hours continous rain.

River Hazards

Main falls. Rocks. Powerful stopper at bottom of first drop in high water.


Original Author: Graham Clarke
Latest Author: Andrew Regan
(Full History)

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