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Upper Eany More River

  Grade:   3 to 4       Rating: river rating
  County:   Donegal   Date updated:28/12/2011
  Section Length:   4km   Version: 2 (History)

Brief River Description

The following is as described in Irish Whitewater guide book:
"Sustained Rapids and one of the best river trips in Donegal."

Rock dodging and large slabs with moderate holes at the bottoms. Technical and fun though shallow (not for capsizing).

There is a park and creek section with boulder gardens and large slabs. The main rapids are about 1km in length but can be combined with lower sections.

Directions to the Put-in

Letterbarra Bridge, Northwest of Donegal town, near Letterbarra (Letterbarrow on some maps).

Direct to the Putin:
Take the second exit off the Killbegs Rd roundabout coming out of Donegal. Its signposted for "Letterbarrow". Continue on this roadt for 5km, when you reach a T-junction take a right, following the sign for Letterbarra. The Letterbarra Bridge is about 100m ahead.

Via the Take Out Route:
Drive 8km west from Donegal on the N56. Take the left (R262) sign posted for Glenties/Frosses

In the middle of Frosses village take a right turn, sign posted for Letterbarra (continue on the R262 to reach the Take out at Eanymore Bridge). Continue on for 4km until you reach a fork in the road (you will have passed over the river). Take the right fork.

You will then come to a junction with a church straight ahead, take the right turn towards Letterbarra. Continue 0.5km until you reach a junction just after a pub, take the right

Letterbarra Bridge is a few hundred metres after that junction. There is a space to park on the other side of the bridge

Directions to the Take-out

From Letterbarra Bridge drive to Letterbara. Drive over the Letterbarra Bridge, take a left at the next junction, continue 0.5km and take a left at the church. Continue on for 4.5km until you reach Frosses Village.

From Frosses village, take a right turn and continue North on the R262. Park at Eanymore Bridge (start of Lower section) on the R262. Its about 1.5km north of Frosses or 3.5km north from the N56.

River Description

There are no individual rapids. Consistent paddling, with lots of small eddies in medium flow. Just long sections of bedrock slab with rocks leading to bare bedrock slabs that are straight forward.

The first 1.5km of the trip is fast flowing grade 2, although some good playholes can be found if the flood is high enough (the main rapids start at newly built house with surrounding wall, rapids can be seen from road here). At consistent grade 3, and in high water grade 4. There are some excellent surf waves and playholes, but the breakouts are small and it is all to easy to let these opportunities slip by as the water races down the valley.

Local issues

No local issues known about, it is locally known as a popular river for salmon in Donegal and the river is right beside the road. Though fences are roadside so be country code wise and don't annoy farmers by breaking fences.

River level gauge

If there is enough to float your boat then get on. The rock below the Eany More bridge should ideally be covered.

If the rain is dancing on your windscreen, the Eanymore is one of the best river trips in Donegal. However, it is only worth considering during a heavy consistent downpour (or steady snow melt). If you can see a small rock in the centre of the river 20m downstream of the bridge, the level is too low.

River Hazards

Shallow, holes at the bottom of slabs can become graby at higher levels. In the past there was a wire across the stream on the upper and another on the lower, no reports of wire recently but its something to watch out for.


Original Author: Stu Hamilton (updated by Seanie)
Latest Author: Edelle Doherty
(Full History)

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