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Glenaniff River

  Grade:   4 to 5       Rating: river rating
  County:   Leitrim   Date updated:24/11/2009
  Section Length:   3km   Version: 2 (History)

Brief River Description

This river is meant to have 11 waterfalls, one is quite high and shallow at bottom. Recently a path has been constructed along the river for the falls along the waterfalls shown in the video so it is very easy to inspect and portage. The river runs into Lough Melvin at the Rossinver organic centre which is well signposted in the area.

Directions to the Put-in

This river is on the Fermanagh/Leitrim border just outside Rossiner which is a small village in north Leitrim. This area is a maze of small roads so road map needed the grid reference of the put in is g910480 (see map).
 Glenaniff River - Glenaniff Map
It is a fast flowing river but needs alot of rain. No idea whether it has been paddled before and I have only viewed the section at Fowleys falls

Directions to the Take-out

Take out can be at bottom of large waterfall shown then steps back up to above put in, though the river may be worth paddling on down to Lough Melvin where take out will be at Organic centre (Grid reference 928497) Needs to be paddled for information

River Description

Unsure of features, see video. More information needed once paddled

Grading due to water levels

Local issues

Poor parking at put in small narrow road, but the river is alongside the road. There is a picnic area adjacent to the river. It is a very important salmon spawning river and one of the few rivers you can still watch salmon try to make there way up the river at takeout. Upper areas are most likely to high for salmon but that could be checked

River level gauge

No information. This guide is just to identify a possible good river for paddling. Much more information needed by experienced paddlers.

River Hazards

I have paddled this one at a low-medium level. Extreme caution is required for this one, it is a boat breaker, especially over the first 4 drops. There is also no phone coverage in this area, so you would want to know what your doing!

Each drop on this river lands on a shallow river bed. Inspection is vital. From the put in, there is four drops, each containing a very shallow river bed. The 3rd drop in this series is there's only one that has a deep pool. The last drop (as can be seen from the video) contains a lot of rock facing back up river and a very shallow bottom. The rest of the river has a few wee drops (approx. 1ft) and a lot of low lying trees. There is also a large collection of trees gathered towards the bottom, a huge strainer and no way through near the get out.


Original Author: Caolan McGurn
Latest Author: Eoin Halliday
(Full History)

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