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Bannagh River

  Grade:   2 to 3       Rating: river rating
  County:   Fermanagh   Date updated:22/02/2010
  Section Length:   3km   Version: 1

Brief River Description

This is a run about 3km long, which does need a lot of water so it needs to be bucketing at least the day before. Can be done with the Termon in Pettigo as they are only about 3 miles apart.

Directions to the Put-in

A river between Kesh and Pettigo. Put in is at Drumanny falls (H170677) which is a forestry owned park. Coming from Kesh towards Pettigo take the road to the right after Palmbush filling station. Drumany falls is signposted from here, just continue and take second road to the right. Put in is about a mile up this road. If you open the gate you can drive down to the river bank.

Directions to the Take-out

Take out is at Bannagh Church (H165657). Come out of Drummany falls carpark, turn left and continue down to cross roads. Go straight at cross roads, continue and then take first road on left. About 1km down this road you will come to a church and hall. The lane between the two runs down to the river. Loads of carparking here. You could continue to Boa Island but it is a slow flat long paddle to get there.

River Description

The river starts with two small drops and then one large drop. The large drop has a deep pool below. This is the most difficult part of the river and you can start it above or below the falls.

The rest of the river would be a grade 2 except in full flood. It is a very shallow river and if there is not enough water you will be scrapping the bottom a lot. After the waterfall there is a small slide where the river then turns left. Sometimes there is a wire fence in a dangerous position above this and it may be worth waking the bank to check before you start. The fence is usually just before the bend in the river.

The river then goes through a scenic gorge and continues with a series of small rapids till you come to a series of boulders, take out is at the second bridge.

Local issues

No local issues, not a widely used river for paddling. Good car parking at put in and take out

River level gauge

Needs a good flow of water, if there is a reasonable flow going over the fall then it can be paddle.

River Hazards

Barbwire on one spot, which comes and goes. Fallen trees can be another problem.


Original Author: Caolan

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