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Adrigole River

  Grade:   2 to 3       Rating: river rating
  County:   Cork   Date updated:06/02/2012
  Section Length:   2Km   Version: 1

Brief River Description

Nice warm up river for beginners. Also nice and short run so can be run real quick.

Directions to the Put-in

From Glengariff head towards Castletownbere, heading west on the R572. When you reach Adrigole bridge you will cross this river.

Take a right after you cross the river. Take the second right turn along that road, after about 1.5km, to reach the putin. The first right turn gives a good view of the slide and you can check for trees blocking bridge.

Directions to the Take-out

The take out is anywhere along the road of your choice after the river meets the sea.

River Description

River Rises and falls very quickly.So get on fast an go when the levels are high!

There is few eddies on this river but the ones you find are quite large. The river starts at an old stone road bridge which has a nice pool underneath it. The river has a few S bends and a nice slide section half way down the river at a stone road bridge which should be scouted before running the river to make sure bridge isn't blocked by trees as it is hard to get out just before to check.

Suggested route under the bridge would be center or river right (if the water levels are high enough) but other than that it is all read and run from the start to finish.

Local issues

There is no local issues. Just don't block access to fields with cars, the usual stuff.

River level gauge

As you Cross the river the first time coming from Glengariff, just look at river and if it look scrapy it wont be too good but if its tanking then your good to go.There is a river gauge but iv yet to check it during good levels so will update.

River Hazards

Trees blocking the bridge at slide and the hole under the bridge at the start in high/very high levels can be very sticky.


Original Author: Philip

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