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Barrow - Version History

  Version Date Change Notes Author
 719/03/2010Tidy and I also added the list of weirs by Basil Bailey Seanie
 609/05/2009More formatting / editing all of the info into one description. More work to do in coming days Adrian
 506/05/2009Started on the tiding up of it, lots of work needed. I will work on it more in the coming days. Adrian
 410/04/2009Changed the Grade from 1 - 4 to 1- 3. Adrian Shanahan
 309/11/2008Overall number of weirs on the river is 25 incl 21 manmade weirs, 1 natural weir, 3 Eel Weirs and also 2 noteworthy rapids. Remember going dwonstream from Carlow Section 1 very dull, Section 2 quite dull, Section 3 moderately amusing, Section 4 interesting Gringottsgoblin
 220/05/2008End of barrow is at cheek point not above new ross sorry, part of the description of the source at glen barrow includes some drops on a tributary called silver river. Michael Flynn
 115/05/2008 Michael Flynn

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