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Site update 2 - Exams, gauges, procrastination, etc.

First of all thanks to all those that have contributed to the site, without you the site simply wouldn't work. I have been busy with my final year in Uni and getting a job so I can get some some cash to pay the bills. So I haven't being doing much with the site, sorry. I am now employed and I plan to do a lot more to the site.

So the launch of went very well with people from every part of the country writing and editing river guides. Others helped by adding photos, videos and maps. All in all it was a great few months for the site. There are still a good few things to be done; I have a huge to do list for the river guides part alone. But sure to keep it interesting we added a few new things. The rest will get sorted in time.

River Gauges
Thanks to all the people (especially Daithi Power and Ian Roche) who made the effort to bring this farfetched idea into existence, it now looks like we will have a good few gauges located all around the country. I'm even going to take a crack at building one. Ian has set it up so adding a gauge to the site is as easy as pie, fair play to him.
River Gauges page Forum
Since the site launched I have been getting a good few emails, with topics ranging from new project ideas for the site, to praise and criticism (all helpful and much appreciated). I would love if those people could converse, discuss and add to the site. I think that the forum might help, and sure it can't hurt.
IWW Forum

The site itself.
The site has an improved index page, added little bits and pieces here and there. I hope you've noticed ;-)

News Submit.
If you would like to have a news story on the front page that is of interest to the Irish paddling community please feel free to submit one.

River Guide version history
You will be able to see who updated the river guide and the reason they gave. I've made a start at putting in proper river historical versioning system for the rivers, this feature will expand in the future, but for now it's a start. As with a lot of things, it will get done when I get some time.

river info block

List of Rivers.
Now the rivers can be displayed by province and ordered by name, rating, grade and county.

Site update Index

Where is the site going? I have being working on lots of plans, lots of these plans are top secret ;-) (well not really). I can let you in on a few features that we will hope to have in the near future. The idea that I have gotten the best reaction from is the Idea of having a PDF version of the site, so people can print it at work ;-). Lots of ideas that users have submitted will be implemented also.

The Irish Whitewater Book by Seamus Mac Gearailt, has over 160+ Rivers in it (some in the back of the book aren't listed on the index) , Granted that lots of these guides are much shorter, and possibly out of date. At the moment has 60 rivers in 9 months, most these river guides are of a high standard and are accompanied by maps, photos and rivers. If we keep this up this time next year we will have a great resource.

See ye all on the water,

PS. We would love to get more guides for rivers in Leinster and anyone with a bit of spare time....hint hint :-)

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