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Fergus River

  Grade:   2 to 3       Rating: river rating
  County:   Clare   Date updated:15/02/2007
  Section Length:   5/6 ish Km   Version: 1

Brief River Description

Flat with a three rapids. A couple of bridges for launching off (good crack) and some mildly attractive scenery!

Directions to the Put-in

Ballyalla lake, North of Ennis.

Directions to the Take-out

You can get out any where really.

River Description

When you get in at the lake paddle over to your left when your looking out at the lake to find the entrance to the river.

1. About 200m down river theres a little weir that can be fun to play on, its a bit shallow though so don't be too ambitious there!

2. Another bit down theres a small foot bridge going across the river and it can be a bit of a hazard at high water and DO NOT go upside down to go under it, theres a log blocked and thats not friendly but at a lower lever there is a sorta bad hole/wave there...would be worth manufacturing a bit - theres a lot of potential.

3.There's about 20 minutes of a flat water paddle down to a iron bridge. If the water is up to the top (or almost) of the triangular yokes you can seal launch of the middle of the down stream side just for the laugh, it the waters warm sure you can jump.

4. A long way down, you'll have passed two bridges, there's a triple drop. It is man-made for fish and the like. you can get out at the river left corner above it and have a look at it from the down stream bridge. Its a bad idea to go through the gates on river left because theres a lot of tow back. the middle tank is cool for stern squirting in if thats what your into. theres also a little tunnel on the river right but its only runnable if its really low.

5. Down through town then theres a drop. Depending on the level it can be a good run, and it turns into a sort of hole/wave at a high level at a medium level its a deadly stopper, I've seen it hold people after the swam. And then you can get out at the slipway there.

Local issues

In town watch out for the lil' scum-bags throwing stones.

River level gauge

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River Hazards

Just the stoppers previously mentioned.


Original Author: Conor Bredin

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